The Program “Greek Language Program and Mediation Services for Minor Third- Country Nationals” (TCNs) («Γεια Χαρά! ») is addressed to students attending a primary education class during the school year 2018-2019 and 2019 - 2020. The program is being implemented by the Research Centre CARDET, in cooperation with the Frederick University and the Advisory Company INNOVADE, in collaboration with Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus and Department of Primary Education. It is funded by the Migration and Asylum Fund for the Integration of the Republic of Cyprus.

The program is specifically designed to meet the needs and expectations of TCN students. Through the program students are expected to acquire basic language skills by attending second language classes. The project aims to provide Greek language courses at four different levels (the basic (A1/A2) and the intermediate (B1/B2) level). The courses will be held in Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Pafos. It is expected that more than 450 Third country nationals students will successfully attend the course and at least 360 will complete them.

Why to learn Greek?

Learning Greek will help you improve your communication skills and socialize with other people. You will be able to actively engage in everyday activities and better understand the culture of Cyprus. Learning Greek will definitely help you participate in the civic, cultural and social affairs of Cyprus.

Course Level options

Beginners’ level (A1/A2): People with limited knowledge of the Greek language or no knowledge at all.

Intermediate level (B1/B2): People with some basic knowledge of the Greek language.

Firstly, you will choose the course level that will best suit your needs. Later, a diagnostic assessment will take place -during the first lesson- in order to determine each participants’ level. After this assessment the teacher will decide in which level each participant will be placed.

Course Timetable

This will be determined when the classes will be formed

Who can participate

Children of the age 6 to 12, with a nationality of a non-European Union member Country, whose parents have one of the following statuses:

  • Third Country National with a student’s or worker’s or visitor’s or Cypriot spouse’s residence permit
  • Recognized Refugee
  • Subsidiary Protection Status
  • Asylum Seeker
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Location of the Courses

1st Round
Primary School Akropolis (K.A)

2nd Round
Lyceum Apostolou Varnava

4th Round
Acropolis Primary School (KA)
Acropolis Primary School (KB)
Elementary School of Confessors (KB)
Primary School of Aglatzia C '
Faneromeni Primary School

1st Round
Primary School Limassol B’ (K.A)
Primary School Limassol E’ (K.A)

4th Round
Primary School of Limassol ΄Β (Κ.Α)
Primary School of Limassol ΙΒ (Κ.Β) - Lanitio
Primary School of Limassol PS (KB) Agios Ioannis
Primary School of Germasogeia
Elementary School of Kato Polemidia

2nd Round
Lyceum Aradippou

3nd Round
Reception and Hosting Center for Applicants for International Protection in Kofinou

4th Round
Primary School of Aradippou A.
Primary School of Prodromos (K.B)
Elementary School of Kofinou

1st Round
Primary School Ayia Napa – Antonis Tsokkou

1st Round
Primary School Pafos I’ – Evagoras Palikaridi
Primary School Pafos IB’ – Pefkios Georgiadis
Primary School Empas
Primary School Chlorakas

4th Round
Primary School of Paphos PST-Koupateio
Primary School of Geroskipou A.
Primary School of Mesogi
Chloraka Primary School - Lempa - Agios Stefanos
Ebas Primary School
Primary School of Prodromos (K.B)
Chloraka-Agios Nikolaos Primary School

A small motivation/gift from us

A FREE TABLET will be awarded to participants that:

Will attend to more than 60% of the course (60 hours, 90 teaching hours of 40 minutes each) and Pass the final exams at the end of the course.


"Greek Language Program and Mediation Services for Minor Third- Country Nationals (TCNs)” of European Asylum, Immigration and Integration Fund.
[Project No: CY/2018/AMIF/SO2.NO2.1.4/3]


Frederick University

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